Beverley Arseneau

11Beverley is probably the first Canadian breeder we got in touch with. She has given us lots of suggestions, information about the Ceds and pictures.

Her dogs are the first ones in our dogs database.


Heidi Hoye

6Heidi is one of the Canadian breeders who believed in our project since the beginning.

She has been supportive giving us information, pictures and precious suggestions about the Canadian Eskimo Dog breed.


Bert-Jan Elfrink

5Bert is one of the breeders who contributed most to our website, with many articles about the Canadian Eskimo Dog History.

Becky and Dai Lewis

8Becky and her husband Dai are the first English breeder who contacted us. Becky found one picture of her dog that we put by mistake inside the historical pictures section and that was the beginning of our conversation.

She gave us her dogs’ pedigrees and from them we discovered a lot of old Canadian Eskimo Dog ancestors we didn’t have in our Archive.


Racheal Bailey

9Racheal is an English breeder who contacted us because she found the first bug in our dogs archive.

She was browsing and searching some dogs and she found they we all deceased, it turned out that there was this glitch in the system that when you find the first deceased dog, all the following dogs were deceased too… pretty annoying isn’t it ?

She also gave us her dogs’ data and a lots of useful information.


Jenny Peacock

14Jennie is an English owner who supported us, giving information and dogs’ data. She has a really beautiful farm… and honestly we are a little envious about this 😉