Dear friends On November 26th we will be at a famous Italian TV show (RAI2: Cronache Animali) that is interested in telling the story of the Canadian Inuit Dogs. If anyone has: historical pictures old stories related to the Inuit people and this breed, famous expeditions (like Balto for huskies) or legends non copyrighted videos […]

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Last dogs of winter

Today I finally had the chance to watch the movie “Last dogs of winter” and I thought I had to share my impressions about it with the Canadian Inuit Dogs lovers. The movie has a good photography and the location is absolutely charming, that kind of wild nature that both amazes and scares you at […]


What is a Canadian Eskimo Dog ?

An interesting article about Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dogs. Due to the requests coming from many Italian readers, who want more information about this breed we decided to translate the article in Italian 🙂 This breed was almost unknown in Italy until last year, but thanks to the efforts of our website, supported by many CED(CID) breeders, […]