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Articles section

Some days ago we got in touch with Bert-Jan Elfrink who gave us permission to reproduce some articles he posted in this group. So we created the Article section: Starting with those ones and hoping to fill it with much more content soon. Thanks to Bert and to all the breeders who are supporting […]

Eskimo Dogs “All but forgotten and now near extinction”

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Eskimo Dogs “All but forgotten and now near extinction” Reprinted from Dogs in Canada – January 1976 By William J. Carpenter. The Eskimo dog, having attained fame and recognition as part of the Thule-Inuit culture and in the exploratory and scientific expeditions into Canada’s North and other polar regions, is “today in […]

CED’s in motion picture

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Got this from the website rom Matty McNair and het Northwinds company: Past Film Work Supported by NorthWinds BBC “Top Dogs” Ran Fiennes introduces Robin Knox Johnson and John Simpson to his polar world Eric McNair-Landry organizes support and features as local expert 10 days of filming


Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( March 1, 2010 Story by Genevieve Montcombroux Entry in the author’s journal Resolute Bay, March 2, 2003 I’m moved by the untamed, stark simplicity of the North while I listen to its sounds: the ever-present sough of the wind, the continual swish of sled runners over packed […]


Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink July 1, 2007 By Miriam Körner “Don’t go too close to these dogs. These are no pets,” warns Brian Ladoon, founder of the Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation, as he leads me around his dog yard, home to 120 Canadian Eskimo Dogs – one third of the world’s population of registered purebreds. There […]