Dear friends
On November 26th we will be at a famous Italian TV show (RAI2: Cronache Animali) that is interested in telling the story of the Canadian Inuit Dogs.

If anyone has:

  • historical pictures
  • old stories related to the Inuit people and this breed, famous expeditions (like Balto for huskies) or legends
  • non copyrighted videos

that we can bring with us, it will be great. You can use my personal email: fabrizio.giammatteo@gmail.com

It is a rare chance to get a large group of people in our country to know our beloved dogs. Moreover the show will be seen by the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI). We will of course publicly thank each and every one of you.

Any help?

Afther the show we will post the link to the video here.

by fgiamma

2 thoughts on “On TV

  1. Carylann Ross says:

    How exciting for you (and all of us) I am the proud owner of a Canadian Eskimo Dog that I got from a rescue organization here in Manitoba following the loss of my Akita. I knew nothing about these dogs and it was my vet who told me what I had. I have owned MANY breeds in my life time, but my Qimmik is the smartest, friendliest, and best of the lot. My dream is to go to Churchill to see the Last Dogs of Winter in person. I follow your site and appreciate your PR for our breed. I wish someone would do that here in Canada.

  2. fgiamma says:

    Thank you Carylann, we try to do our best 🙂 We also would like to go to Churchill some day, so far we have been in many places in Canada but not that far 😉

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