Some quick news

Dear friends, we haven’t posted any news lately but we always had in mind our beloved breed. Just recently we updated the website with some of the latest litters of Beverly Arseneau and more updates are coming soon.

So far we have 325 dogs in our database and we strongly encourage anyone who has CED/CIDs out there to contact us in order to have the most complete possible database.

Just a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet a new gorgeous boy Honaw who lives in Edmonton with our friends Marisa and Giovanni and we also paid a visit to Beverly Arseneau, during which we had the opportunity to see her amazing dogs, especially some new puppies so fluffy and big that we couldn’t stop hugging them 🙂

Here’s some pictures

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  1. Danna says:


    I have a 3 year old female and was told she is a Canadian Eskimo/Husky/Malamute cross. I am very interested in the breed. I would love to know if there is anyway of finding out if she really is Canadian Eskimo. She just had a litter of 5 pups.

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