For those who love history…

For those who love history, a very interesting part of an old article about the Canadian Inuit Dog at risk of extinction, directly from the words of Bill Carpenter. Thanks to Beverly Arsenau for this precious gift 🙂


2 thoughts on “For those who love history…

  1. Lori says:

    Canada’s own Eskimo Dog…on the brink of extinction – 1976
    by William J. Carpenter
    Wonderful article. Thanks.
    My son is getting a Canadian Eskimo Puppy, yes it’s a mix.
    I wanted to learn more about this breed and came across this article.
    I read to page 4…tried to turn the page…nothing.
    I couldn’t see/read the end of the article. ( page 5 is missing)
    I may be doing something wrong..?
    Kind Regards,

  2. Tim. Socha says:

    I just wondered why you neglected to say how the RCMP were actually killing off the dogs, which is actually what nearly pushed them to extinction! Better to tell the truth, it may be brutal, but it’s part of the history. My dogs came from the Carpenter line. It’s great to stop extinction, but keeping them in England, for example and “showing” them, won’t preserve the breed. Normal Inuit Dogs can’t pass each other as a team without a fight. Respectfully but critically, Tim.

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