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Dear friends On November 26th we will be at a famous Italian TV show (RAI2: Cronache Animali) that is interested in telling the story of the Canadian Inuit Dogs. If anyone has: historical pictures old stories related to the Inuit people and this breed, famous expeditions (like Balto for huskies) or legends non copyrighted videos […]

Some quick news

Dear friends, we haven’t posted any news lately but we always had in mind our beloved breed. Just recently we updated the website with some of the latest litters of Beverly Arseneau and more updates are coming soon. So far we have 325 dogs in our database and we strongly encourage anyone who has CED/CIDs […]

What is a Canadian Eskimo Dog ?

An interesting article about Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dogs. Due to the requests coming from many Italian readers, who want more information about this breed we decided to translate the article in Italian 🙂 This breed was almost unknown in Italy until last year, but thanks to the efforts of our website, supported by many CED(CID) breeders, […]