Dog Language

Dog Language tells us why dogs do what they do and how we can express ourselves so that our dogs can understand us better. It is a systematic book, ordered alphabetically with 293 entries and 94 beautiful drawings illustrating over 150 different dog expressions.
First published in Scandinavia in 1986 as Hundesprog’, this book became a great success and has since then helped many thousands of dog owners, instructors, behavior students, and veterinarians to understand dogs. Now available in English, the present edition of Dog Language is an updated, highly revised and enlarged version of the original Hundesprog’.

Following the traditions of the school of ethology founded by Konrad Lorenz, Dog Language is based on many hours of research, observation, and study. Dog Language is a no-nonsense book, written in a modern, uncomplicated style—a book for all readers with interest in dogs, wolves and other canids.

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