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Documentary: “Qimmiq, Canada’s Arctic dog”

An interesting 1982 documentary shot in Yellowknife about Bill Carpenter’s project to save to Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dog Breed. The Eskimo dog, the Qimmiq, has been an integral part of northern Canadian life for almost two thousand years. Archival photographs and film footage illustrate how this hard-working purebred was used for hunting, pulling sleds and keeping […]

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Eskimo Dogs “All but forgotten and now near extinction”

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Eskimo Dogs “All but forgotten and now near extinction” Reprinted from Dogs in Canada – January 1976 By William J. Carpenter. The Eskimo dog, having attained fame and recognition as part of the Thule-Inuit culture and in the exploratory and scientific expeditions into Canada’s North and other polar regions, is “today in […]

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Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( March 1, 2010 Story by Genevieve Montcombroux Entry in the author’s journal Resolute Bay, March 2, 2003 I’m moved by the untamed, stark simplicity of the North while I listen to its sounds: the ever-present sough of the wind, the continual swish of sled runners over packed […]

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Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( March 1, 2006 By Sandy Moore Freight history Some breeds of freight dogs (such as the Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and Inuit sled dog) were developed over centuries. Human and dog depended on each other in the harsh arctic environment. Dogs had to come when called, accept the […]

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History: Admiral Peray at the North Pole

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( September 1, 2009 By Ried Holien Robert Edwin Peary stood shakily as his steamer pushed farther north than any ship ever had under its own power. His discomfort resulted in part from “an enormous squadron of floating icebergs,” but also from his incomplete feet. He lost eight […]

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Yellowknife Journal; In Far North, Fabled Dogs Come Bounding Back

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink By JAMES BROOKE Published: January 31, 2001 With howling and yipping rising from behind chain-link fences, a noisy dog kennel in an industrial suburb here is an unexpected place to find a species bouncing back exuberantly from the brink of extinction. Ears erect, bushy tails curled over their backs, powerfully built Canadian […]