9 thoughts on “Siberian Husky Rescue

  1. Glakwa Kweenie says:

    Gi la kasla, My Native name is Glakwa Kweenie and I live in Campbell River, BC Canada. My daughter lost her puppy Rosco this year and he is burried at Doggy Point (Lake McGiver.) He was only one years old. I would like a Siberian Husky puppy with blue eyes if at all possible. Please let me know and my cell phone number is 250 850 9517. Hella kas la, luv Glakwa Kweenie

    • fgiamma says:

      Hello Glawka, I’m sorry but this website is dedicated to the Canadian Inuit Dog which is a really different breed. We don’t have any information about Siberian Huskies… but if you are interested in a sled dog the Canadian Inuit Dog is a very powerful and lovely one. It’s not an easy dog though, before buying one I suggest you to read carefully the breed characterists 😉

      • peggy barber says:

        I have a Canadian Inuit Dog which I bought in Nunavut when I lived their. I gave her to my son who now has health issues which are quite serious. Sadly, he cannot care for her and I would like to find a savvy home for her. She is on Vancouver Island, BC. Can anyone give me advice of how to go about doing this? Thanks

        • fgiamma says:

          Hi Peggy,
          sorry to hear that, unfortunately it’s very difficult to do something from here (we live in Italy), but I suggest you to post this message on the Facebook group “Friends of the Canadian Inuit Dogs”, most Canadian breeders read this group, so they might have someone to help you.

        • Linda Bergen says:

          Peggy – I am in Bellingham, WA and would like to speak to you if you still have the dog. I owned Inuit dogs in the past. Perhaps fgiamma can forward my email address to you.

          • fgiamma says:

            Hello Peggy, I tried to forward your message to Peggy, but unfortunately I got an error from her email service. It says she is “over quota” so I don’t think she received the message. Unfortunately I don’t have any other contact for her. She should also receive an automatic notification about your comment, but being over quota will probably stop this message too. I will try to re-send this email in a couple of days, hoping that in the meantime this problem is resolved.

  2. cynthia says:

    I have a wonderful Canadian Husky and I have to find a family because i’m now in Yellowknife for work and can’t be with my dog. Boris have 5 years old, I bought him in Nunavut but is in Quebec City for now. I can send a picture of him. I dont want to sell him, juste find a very good family.

  3. Brooks Betz says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Canadian Inuit dog, I’ve done a ton of research on the dog, however i cant seem to find a local breeder. I understand this is a rare dog but where would one find a breeder? I’m located in the Toronto area, but I’m willing to travel. I’m looking for a best friend and and outdoor buddy to accompany myself on 4 season camping and outdoor excursions. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • fgiamma says:

      It’s a rare breed but there are a couple of breeders in Canada and US. You can contact either Beverley Arseneau in Alberta or Heidi Hoye in New Brunswick, not exactly close but not to far either. The contacts are in the “Breeders” section of the website. Feel free to ask for any other information you might need.

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