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Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( March 1, 2006 By Sandy Moore Freight history Some breeds of freight dogs (such as the Siberian Husky, Samoyed, and Inuit sled dog) were developed over centuries. Human and dog depended on each other in the harsh arctic environment. Dogs had to come when called, accept the […]

History: Admiral Peray at the North Pole

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink published in Mushing Magazine ( September 1, 2009 By Ried Holien Robert Edwin Peary stood shakily as his steamer pushed farther north than any ship ever had under its own power. His discomfort resulted in part from “an enormous squadron of floating icebergs,” but also from his incomplete feet. He lost eight […]

Runners of mud and ice: The Historic Qamutiik

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Published in Mushing Magazine ( March 1, 2010 By Miriam Korner At first sight a modern qamutiik looks simple in design: Two wooden runners, cut out of a 2×8, maybe 12 feet long, pack board as runner plastic underneath and a bunch of 1×4 crosspieces tied on top and ready is the […]

Yellowknife Journal; In Far North, Fabled Dogs Come Bounding Back

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink By JAMES BROOKE Published: January 31, 2001 With howling and yipping rising from behind chain-link fences, a noisy dog kennel in an industrial suburb here is an unexpected place to find a species bouncing back exuberantly from the brink of extinction. Ears erect, bushy tails curled over their backs, powerfully built Canadian […]

Glover’s Standard Guide to Pure Bred Dog

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Greenland Dog (Gronlandshund) Considerable difference of opinion still exists concerning the names of the arctic sledge-hauling dogs. The Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky have been successfully separated in name, classification and recognition by the major canine authorities, but there is still some confusion concerning the Gronlandshund and the Eskimo Dog, some authorities still dividing the […]

The Eskimo Dog

Courtesy of Bert-Jan Elfrink Published: Dog World (America) September 1976 from an article by Thomas M Gately In 1974 I judged for the first time in Canada. My assignment included all Working breeds, and listed among these is the Eskimo Dog. In my 1935 copy of AKC’s official book “Pure-Bred Dogs,” there is a picture of this breed and a standard […]