The Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

One of the most interesting articles about the Canadian Eskimo (Inuit) Dog that I have ever seen. Breed standard, appearance, temperament and a lot of history since thousands of years ago. Really worth reading !

4 thoughts on “The Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

  1. klmagill says:

    Good article, however I have to disagree with some of the temperament comments. It has been my experience that the dogs do not run away when escaping our dogyard. They take pure joy in hanging around and bugging the others who didn’t escape 🙂

  2. Easypet says:

    Glad you folks liked the article, I have spent literally 4 years writing up the best articles that I possibly could about every breed out there. I am, however, a bit biased towards Australian Shepherds myself.. but I can always use likes (via facebook etc at the bottom of the article page).

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