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The Canadian Inuit Dog: Canada’s Heritage

The Canadian Inuit Dog: Canada’s Heritage, by Madame Geneviève Montcombroux is one of the most interesting books about the Canadian Inuit Dogs breed, an excerpt from the voice of the author: The second edition of this book by Geneviève Montcombroux is the sole book devoted to a unique Arctic breed, the Inuit sled dog, its place […]

Inuit Sled Dog International

Inuit Sled Dog International, by Madame Genevieve Montcombroux is one of the most trustful and complete sources of information about Canadian Inuit Dogs. Quoting their website, the goal of ISDI is: The Inuit Sled Dog International  has for its goal the preservation of this ancient arctic breed in its purest form as a working dog. The […]