What is a Canadian Eskimo Dog ?

An interesting article about Canadian Eskimo/Inuit Dogs. Due to the requests coming from many Italian readers, who want more information about this breed we decided to translate the article in Italian 🙂
This breed was almost unknown in Italy until last year, but thanks to the efforts of our website, supported by many CED(CID) breeders, there’s a rising interest in this breed in our country.
We never lost hope that one day this breed will be recognized all over the world.

2 thoughts on “What is a Canadian Eskimo Dog ?

  1. ann harford says:

    i inherited a black and white canadian eskimo dog he is now 7 i want to give him a taste of what he should do pulling a sled.i live in north norfolk where can i learn dog mushing

    • fgiamma says:

      I am sorry but I have no idea where you can go sledding… we currently live in Italy. If you want some help in England you can contact Racheal Bailey who is very active with CEDS, she lives in Leicester, but I am sure she can give you very valuable information.

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